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Ganesh Chaturthi || Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja || Anant Chaturdashi ||

Hindu Religious Rituals

Anant Chaturdashi is the last day of Ganeshutsav’s Hindu festival. Ganesh Chaturthi pooja It usually occurs after Ganesh Chaturthi on 10th or 11th day ( 13 September ). All Ganesh deities are brought into homes and communities, are immersed in the sea or nearby lakes and rivers. On this day, people travel waterfront with dance and singing idols in large processes. Lord Ganesha has been released, next year only will be welcomed with enthusiasm.

In parts of Bihar and Eastern UP, the festival is closely linked to the Kshirsagar (Ocean of milk) and Lord Vishnu’s infinite form. Fourteen tilac (small vertical strips) are made of vermilion on wooden frames. Fourteen puree (fried wheat bread) and 14 puas (deep fried sweet wheat bread) are kept on vermillion strips. A bowl, which is made of Panchamrit (made from milk, curd, jaggery, honey, and ghee), is a symbol of Kshirsagar on this piece of wood. A thread with 14 knots has been wrapped up on a cucumber symbolized by Lord Ananta and has been rotated in this “ocean of milk” five times. These infinite threads are later tied on the right hand above the elbow by men. Women bind on their left hand. This infinite thread is removed after 14 days.

The story behind the festival

Sushila and Kaundinya
There was a Brahmin named Suman. With his wife Dixit, he had a daughter Sushila. After Dixit’s death, Suman married Karshacha, who gave Sushila a lot of trouble.

Sushila married Kandiniya, and she decided to leave home to avoid the harassment of stepmother. By the way, they stopped near a river. Kaundinya went to the bath. Sushila joined the group of women who were worshiping They told Sushila that they were worshiping “infinite” “What kind of worship is this?” Sushila asked.

Oath of infinity 

hey told him that it was an oath of infinity. They explained their importance and rituals. Some fried “roast” (made from flour) and “anarase” (special food) are prepared. Half of them must be given to Brahmins. In a bamboo basket, a cobra is made of “Darbha” (holy grass). Then the scent of “Snake” (“Sheesh”) is worshiped, the oil lamp and the incense rods are worshiped. Snakes are offered to meals. A silk string is placed in front of God and bound to the wrist. This string is called “infinity.” It has 14 knots and is colorful with “Kumkum”. Women bind “infinity” on their left hand and men on their right side. The purpose of this pledge is to achieve Divinity and wealth. It is kept for 14 years.

After listening to this explanation, Sushila decided to take an oath of eternal life. From that day she and Kondinya began to prosper and became very rich. One day, Kondinya saw the infinite string on Sushila’s left hand. When he heard the story of an eternal oath, he was angry and he believed that he had become rich, not because of any power of infinity, but due to the knowledge gained from his own efforts. Followed a hot argument. In the end, Kondinya took an infinite string from Sushila’s hand and threw it into the fire.

After this, all kinds of disasters took place in their lives, and they were reduced to extreme poverty. Kondinya understood that it was a punishment for insulting “infinite” and she decided that until God revealed it to him, he would pass through austerity.

Looking for eternity

Kondinya went to the forest where he saw a tree full of mangoes, but nobody was eating them, the entire tree was attacked with insects, he asked if he had seen the infinite but got negative answers. Then Kondinya saw a cow with her calf, then without eating an ox was standing on the field. Then he mixed with one another in his water and saw two big lakes. Apart from this, they saw everyone with assholes and elephants, Kondinya asked about Anant, but no one had heard this name. He became desperate and prepared a rope to hang himself.

Then suddenly an old, respected Brahmin appeared in front of him, he removed Rand from the neck of the egg and took him to the cave. First of all, it was very dark. But then a bright light appeared and they reached a big palace. A large gathering of men and women went straight to the old Brahmin on the throne

Kondinya could not see the Brahmin, but instead of Vishnu, Kondinya realized that Vishnu himself had come to save them and Vishnu was infinite, infinite. He acknowledged his sin in failing to recognize them as Sushila’s hand. Anant promised Kondinya that if he took the oath of 14 years, he would be free from all his sins and will receive wealth, children and happiness. Anant tells about the meaning of the search during the search. Anant explained that the mango tree was a Brahmin, who had received so much knowledge in the past life, but did not inform anyone

A cow was the beginning of the Earth, which was the beginning of all the seeds of plants. The bull is the only religion. Now he stood on the green grass field. There were two lake sisters who loved each other very much, but all their donations were spent only on each other. The ass was at the end of cruelty and anger, the pride of the elephant Kondinya was


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