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Perhaps the festival of Deepavali is a group of agricultural messages in India, which are mentioned in the Sanskrit texts as the Skanda Purana, which ended in BC. At the end of the first century. Skanda has displayed the Kishore Purana as part of the Sun, describing it as a metaphor for all life and energy and the Hindu calendar of the month.

Deepavali is mentioned by King Karas, who played the role of Nagananda in Sanskrit in the 7th century, as Deep (Deep = Prakash, Pratipada = first day, utsava = ceremony), where lit lamps for the new bride and groom. Had gone. Were.  In Kawamisa, in the 9th century, the tradition of decorating white houses and diyas was observed in the houses and streets at night.


Al-Biruni, a Persian traveler and historian, wrote in the context of India in the 11th century that al-Biruni, a Persian expatriate and historian, wrote that Hindus celebrate the Kurds on the new month. Nicole de Contini, a Venetian businessman, and traveler came to India in the early 15th century and writes in his inscription “On one of these festivals he was stationed under his temple, and at the end of the roof, thousands of oil Deepak. Continuous. Burns and night party “gather”, “put on new clothes”, sing, dance, and feast. Domingo Pace, a 16-year-old Portuguese traveler, writes about his visit to the Hindu Vijayanagar Math in October Celebrate Deepavali style homes and diyas.

Islamic historians of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire have referred to Diwali and other Hindu festivals. Some, notably the Mughal king Akbar, welcomed the festivities, while others banned festivals such as Deepawali and Holi, as did Avantib in 1665.


Literature in the British colonial period also goes back to Divali, according to a note on Hinduism, published in 1799, familiar with the first commentaries of Sanskrit and India by Sir William – Europe. In the lunar month of Louis, Indians living in Bengal at that time celebrated the four Diwali days as Ashwin-kritika [sic], Autumn: Bhutchaturdasi Yamataram (2 days), Lakshmipaja Diwan (Diwali) Day. Duttya Pratipada Belipooja (4th day), and Bharata Dwitiya (5th day). Lakshmi puja Dipanavita, Jones noted, “had a splendid evening in honor of Lakshmi and the lights on the trees and houses.”

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