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Gift For Brother and Sister story of Bhai Dooj

The second lunar day of Hindus is the second day of Hinduism in Bhai Dooj, Bhabija, Bhai Tika, Bhutan, Vikram Sant Bangla Calendar or Kartik’s Shaliwan Shaka calendar. These are remembered during Diwali or Tahir Shehar and Hali Shehar.

Brother Dzlo’s brother-in-law, brother-in-law, brother-in-law;
Today’s interests are equal to those of the surviving relationship. Your sisters are happy today.
In parts of the country, memories are held as Dotyamia Day.

How in the community, two brothers talk about May 2. Most days are days after Diwali. But I don’t remember a day or two after helium of low knowledge.

In Haryana, in fact, there is also a certain proportionality, there is a wandering about your battle for worship (spoken in her language) that your brother is using.

Gift For Brother and Sister

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Bhai Doojas ( Bhai dooj ) is remembered all over the northern part of India during Diwali Shehar. It is also the second day of the Vikram-May-Sunvarshah, the whole of India on the calendar. It is generally regarded as the people of the Northern Territory, the Buddhists of the Methlens in Bihar and people of different ethnic groups have been accepted. The first day of this New Year is celebrated in worship.

Brother Tekka (English: Brother Tekka) in Nepal, where the most important is after this decade. Remembering the fifth day of the city of Tihar, this sketch is commonly celebrated by the people.

Brother Fonta (Bengal: Brother Chota) takes place in Bengal and every other day after Kali Puja every year.
Bhau Seeds, or Bhau Seeds (English: boobs) or Brother Seeds, Gujarati and Konkani-speaking communities in the states of Goa, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Another name for the day is the Yemenisvat or Yematisya, a wonderful meeting between the god of death and his sister Yumana (the river of the incident) on the second (after Amosia) day.

Other names include Bhatro Datia in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, or Bhojri, a friend of Bhutari Dabai or Bhagwani.

According to one of the famous stories in Deer Powrank stories, the battle of the security monster Narcosaur, after which, Lord Krishna Nain Bahbir was greeted with the racecourse, my date fisherman and flowers. She was with Krishna. Some people believe this shark is the origin.


A boy, Tika Pawankar, a special occasion for thunderstorms in Nepal
On Sherry’s day, sisters’ brothers are frequently invited to eat their favorite dish. Implementation and Central India make a difference. A brother’s martyrdom is registered to protect a full sibling, as well as they, are happy for your brother.

Siblings wear red dots while your brother performs. On the occasion of the brother’s ceremony, it is a practice to sincerely pray for the sister to enjoy and enjoy her brother’s long and happy life. In return, brothers thank your sisters and make a gift or can be nice.

As it has increased in Haryana, Mahindani’s house offers the joy of diabetes, which in turn leads to the worship of Chandra God. According to the tradition of our children henna

This brother has a long distance and is not going home, he is your brother’s long and happy life. She is getting Aarti for Chandra. This is because parents of children love their parents, says Chandana (Chandra means moon and mother means mother’s brother).


In West Bengal, the brother is very much remembered with flowers. The conference brothers have a touch of a saint with many brothers and sisters. It is important that the brother and both are over 5 years of age.

Bihar’s Shihar is famous in Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa and it has a lot of fury and memory of Elias. The fraternity proceeded with a vigorous protest on this occasion as a token of appreciation and appreciation for the sisters, who enjoyed the joy of the sisters.

Siblings are reunited with siblings in the recovery of emotional families. Many families pray for ghost money and they are invited too.

Specifically susceptible people are included


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